Monetize your app by making an exit

The barrier to enter apps marketplaces is very low and Android users are able to choose between 2.2 million apps on Google Play. The increasing number of apps makes your app discovery tough.

Developers are now spending big to market their apps and the app market becomes more competitive every day.

43% of developers agree that marketing is the most challenging part of their work. But is your revenue worth the sweat? 52% of app developers make less than 1000 bucks per month and as many as 23% can only get 100 bucks per month.

Tired of the competition? We’re offering you a successful exit even if your app makes no money! We buy apps with low or no revenue and what we are looking for is:

  • Android apps & widgets
  • Apps that users like
  • Recently updated apps


Get an offer today and make a profitable app exit with Appsbuyout.


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