Why should I sell my app to Appsbuyout?

  • We only ask a few questions. We have a straight forward acquisition process. If you answer all of our questions fast, you could make a successful app exit within a week.
  • We buy apps that make NO money at all. No ad revenue and no revenue from in-app purchases required.
  • We are transparent. We pay a fair price based on your user base, and we will always tell you why we offer a certain purchase price.

What do I sell to Appsbuyout?

You sell the full and exclusive rights to the app. This includes the source code, all artwork, all assets (images, texts etc.), icons, Android credentials, web presence (social media, website etc.) and other assets of the app that are required to maintain the functionality and promotion of the app. You are selling the right to publish the app and will not be able to publish the same source code again, even under a different app name.

How does the acquisition process work?

After you have requested an offer, we will ask you a couple of questions about your app. Once we have the required information, we will send you a binding offer. When you accept the offer – we will initiate a secure transaction on Escrow. Find out how it works here

Will you keep the information I share about my app confidential?

Yes, we always will, even if you decide not to sell. Note that all information sent to us is treated confidentially, and is not shared with other parties.

How do I get paid?

We pay via Escrow. Find out how it works here.

Is it possible that you won’t make me an offer?

Yes, it is possible. Like any buyer, we are looking for a return on investment and we will only make offers for apps that we believe have potential. We won’t make an offer if we find that an app is not working properly, isn’t of good quality, has too many negative user reviews or is failing in some other essential way. We won’t accept apps that have used fraudulent install methods.